What is it like to be a member at LIVE WELL?

Who we are, what we do, and how we help our members live life to the fullest.

How It Works - Sara & Tasha

We are the Ultra-Private Gym™ For People With Health Concerns.

LIVE WELL is unique in the fitness industry. We are a gym that caters to people with health concerns. But we are so much more than a gym. Our members find a home and community at LIVE WELL. 

Our members come for their LIVE WELL sessions 2-3 times a week, creating not only accountability but community. Accountability leads to adherence, community leads to friends that become like family..  As a business owner, this is a membership model business not only with recurring revenue, but longevity.

Exercise is the foundation of the LIVE WELL wellness program that includes a customized approach with clinical oversight, online support, and a community members are proud to join.

But our members get so much more than exercise. 

We take a customized approach to wellness, and to each members' specific health issues. Our Clinical Exercise Physiologists (CEPs) create an individual plan that will help them become successful. This plan includes a customized exercise program, goal-setting, and health coaching on topics such as nutrition. The CEPs regularly monitor healthy vitals, measure progress, and send updates to a member's doctor. The program evolves with the member, making it a business model that is engaging - and making member retention a cornerstone of LIVE WELL. Members join...and stay. 

A member receives online support through a Member Portal, where they access habit formation lessons through a Lesson Lab, schedule or change exercise sessions, access live sessions if they want to join their regular session remotely, and have unlimited ON Demand exercise videos. Members can view their achievements (such as a badge celebrating 10 completed exercise sessions), share their achievements on the Win Wall and also click a button to easily invite family or friends for a free guest session to try it out! Word of mouth is one LIVE WELL’s best marketing tools, and we have made this easy!

The loving and supportive community at LIVE WELL is full of heart, determination, and perseverance. Members are motivated by others and the fun culture within the clinics foster a immense sense of belonging for our members. Our members refer to their "LIVE WELL family" that cheers  each other on. This community is what our members truly look forward to and what helps to keep them accountable on their journey to better health.


of our members come for prevention
member gets their own customized exercise program
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Member Retention Rate at Six Months
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When I did my research, I liked that they started the franchise, and then made adjustments based on what worked and what didn’t. That clicked for me.

Franchise Owners, LIVE WELL North Vancouver
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LIVE WELL attracts people who are passionate and who want to make a difference in their life or other people’s lives. People who genuinely care. I was interested in LIVE WELL because I was intrigued by it’s ability to bring physical activity to the the masses in a sustainable manner. I was hooked when I started to interact with the people.

Franchise Owners, LIVE WELL Kerrisdale & LIVE WELL East Vancouver
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As a CEP myself, I loved that I could continue my career as a CEP but also own a business. I really love the support we provide our members in their health journey. I really feel great about what I'm doing owning LIVE WELL Oakville.

Kira Pattison
Franchise Owner, LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic Oakville

Our program is a unique and proven concept: a complete wellness program built to help our members live their life to the fullest.