Exercise, Friendship, Community

Three Pillars of a Healthy Life


LIVE WELL was founded on friendship.

In 2010, Sara Hodson had her fourth child and was struggling to maintain an exercise routine. She reached out to her friend, Tasha McRae, who was also a busy mom. Sara and Tasha had worked together as Clinical Exercise Physiologists in the cardiac rehab wing of a local hospital for many years, and knew the power of exercise, community and accountability. 

They had seen patients complete 12-week programs in the cardiac rehab program and knew that part of their adherence was showing up not only for the rehab, but for the friends they met and the support they received along the way. 

Sara and Tasha started exercising together, supporting each other, and regained the exercise habit they had both been missing. They knew there was magic in the power of friendship and exercise - they were having fun, feeling better, losing weight and gaining energy! The seed for LIVE WELL was planted: Could they design a program of supervised exercise, in a clinical setting, where people with chronic health concerns could come and exercise safely. Could they build a community of belonging, where everyone felt welcome and accepted? Friendship was the key to their own success: they showed up for each other. 

They might be willing to let themselves down, but they weren’t willing to let each other down.

Exercise, Friendship, and Community.

This is why LIVE WELL has grown exponentially as a company, from one location in 2011 to 15 locations today, with expansion continuing across Canada in 2021 and the US in 2022. 

The magic is this: 

Community, accountability and friendship are essential to our health.

LIVE WELL members take pride in celebrating each other’s wins. The bonds we see on the gym floor continue out to trail walks, coffee dates, and everlasting friendships. The value of watching our members get healthier, and cheer each other on, is priceless.

Exercise, friendship and community: 

Three pillars of a healthy life.

Put them together, and you have magic.

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Average Annual Savings for People Who Exercise after Age 65
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30-minute Doses of Exercise are as Effective as Antidepressant Medication
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a community of strength, support and love
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As a CEP myself, I loved that I could continue my career as a CEP but also own a business. I really love the support we provide our members in their health journey. I really feel great about what I'm doing owning LIVE WELL Oakville.

Kira Pattison
Franchise Owner, LIVE WELL Oakville
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When I did my research, I liked that they started the franchise, and then made adjustments based on what worked and what didn’t. That clicked for me.

Franchise Owners, LIVE WELL North Vancouver
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LIVE WELL attracts people who are passionate and who want to make a difference in their life or other people’s lives. People who genuinely care. I was interested in LIVE WELL because I was intrigued by it’s ability to bring physical activity to the the masses in a sustainable manner. I was hooked when I started to interact with the people.

LIVE WELL Kerrisdale & LIVE WELL East Vancouver

Our mission is to make fitness accessible to ever BODY (pun intended) across Canada. We are going to do this by opening LIVE WELL clinics in every community. We are starting with 10 prime locations.