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LIVE WELL is a medical fitness franchise specializing in supervised exercise and healthy lifestyle coaching for people who have chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, and for preventive health.

We monitor healthy vitals (blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels, blood glucose). We track A1C and cholesterol levels.  Our programs are designed and supervised by trained clinicians.

But when you step inside a LIVE WELL location, you will instantly notice that we are we are NOT a clinical health care space.

Inside you will find fun, laughter, connection and committment .    


We are:


Why? Because at LIVE WELL, anyone can come to exercise and feel like they fit in. No matter how much they weigh, their health status, or their physical fitness level, we welcome all of our members exactly as they are (Did we mention that we also make exercising fun?).

Welcome to Canada’s first chronic disease-focused medical fitness clinic that makes exercise both fun and social while still producing measureable and effective results.  Helping our members live happier and healthier lives is our reason for being. Our purpose is to help people LIVE WELL – to maximize health and quality of life, even for those living with chronic disease.

You won’t find another health care company quite like us. We do things differently, as you will begin to see!

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The LIVE WELL franchise offers the opportunity to enter the $30 billion fitness industry with a unique selling point and competitive advantage. LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic combines fitness and health care into an innovative concept that fills a large gap in the current health care environment and delivers a powerful solution to the 133 million people living with chronic disease in the U.S.

LIVE WELL is a specialized medical fitness franchise. Our focus is on helping individuals adopt a healthy lifestyle in a welcoming and clinically supervised environment. We offer lifestyle coaching for people with chronic health conditions and those who simply want to adopt healthier habits.

We take pride in our ability to monitor health vitals like oxygen levels, blood glucose, heart rate, and more with state-of-the-art equipment while providing an individualized exercise program for our members. All programs offered by LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic are designed by highly-trained specialists. Our mission is to expand the LIVE WELL franchise and better the lives of our members by teaching lifelong healthy habits.