Let Food Be Thy Medicine

By Sara Hodson

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food,” the great Hippocrates once said. Healthy eating does sound like a great idea, but how do we make it work?

Here are 5 simple questions for a healthier mealtime:

  1. Did it come from a box?
    Processed foods can be convenient and cheap, but at what cost? Foods that are processed can have fewer vitamins and minerals, which can be lost during processing. Boxed foods often contain preservatives and additives that can lead to many adverse health issues.
  2. Is it naturally colorful?
    Fruits and vegetables can be richly colored by a pigment called lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant that can reduce the risk of cancer and keep your heart healthy.
  3. Are you getting enough fluids?
    Make sure you are drinking enough water every day. The average rule of thumb is 8 glasses per day.
  4. Did you plan ahead?
    A lot of poor food choices are made when hunger rises. If you plan ahead, you can avoid this mistake. Bring your lunch to work or, if you know you will be hungry on a trip, pack healthy snacks. If you will be arriving home late during the week, try meal planning on your days off.
  5. Are you treating yourself in moderation?
    You have worked hard and started planning your meals, but this weekend you have a celebration you are looking forward to. Treating yourself is acceptable in most dietary situations, but moderation is key!

Hopefully, these 5 simple tips can help you with your transition to healthier eating. These tips are generalized for overall health and wellness, so you may have certain limitations and challenges while reaching your health goals. Please remember to consult your dietitian or physician if you feel you may need further guidance.



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