How We Do It

Our clinically-designed exercise programs target heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and overall preventive health. Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologists (kinesiologists with specialized training) track, tailor, and modify programs based on each members’ progress. They benchmark vitals in order to ensure members are exercising safely.

We sprinkle in nutritional advice, lifestyle coaching, and, of course, some fun and creativity. Our Joy Masters run all of our classes and embody our core value of “Find the Joy.”

So, what it is like inside a LIVE WELL clinic? 

We Make Exercising an Experience!

Although we are passionate about exercise, we know that not everyone shares our passion. So, we’ve decided to make it fun. Members come to our medical fitness clinic two to three times per week to exercise and have a good time with people who share the same goals. The sense of camaraderie and sharing is special and it continually inspires members and employees to keep improving.

We are one big community full of heart, grit, will, and perseverance. As part of the LIVE WELL family, we guarantee you will be motivated and inspired by those around you. 

We Provide Expert Clinical Oversight

Don’t be fooled by the fun and caring culture in our clinics- at its foundation, our program is hard-core, clinical, and evidence-based. Our exercise and lifestyle programs are crafted by our own medical director and exercise physiologists. When members come into our fitness clinic to exercise, they work directly with exercise physiologists who will offer the supervision and guidance needed to ensure maximum benefit and safety. 

Starting with our functional and cardio-respiratory assessments, we can establish members’ levels of fitness and their heart’s ability to exercise. We can then design a customized exercise program tailored around their personal health needs.

Our clinics also offer diet and nutrition advice, lifestyle coaching, healthy habit formation, walking groups, and yoga classes. For those trying to lose weight, reduce cholesterol, decrease blood pressure, or just get healthier, we take a well-rounded approach. 

Everyone’s health needs are unique. That’s why we spend time with each individual member at LIVE WELL to make sure we truly understand where they are in their health journey.

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