LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic lives by the motto, “Exercise is the best medicine.” We rehab, support, supervise, and champion the potential of those living with or at risk for chronic diseases. 

Exercise as Medicine

LIVE WELL is on the cutting edge of health care and fitness. We know that exercise is medicine and we’ve found a way to produce meaningful, life-changing results.

Scientific evidence continues to support the numerous medical benefits of exercise. Paired with a healthy diet, exercise can combat and prevent many types of chronic disease. At LIVE WELL, we want to help our members achieve their optimal health. We do this by making exercise fun, social, and effective. We also take a holistic approach to health by offering nutrition counseling, lifestyle coaching, habit formation, and monitoring of vitals. Throughout the process, we always maintain communication with our members’ physicians.


We created this step-by-step method that uses five empowering “sparks” to help our members develop life-long healthy habits that won’t fizzle out. This method is used exclusively within the LIVE WELL and LIVE WELL Exercise Clinics and has been shown to create positive, lasting behavior changes. Our coaches work with members to continually apply these sparks and to reinforce and sustain healthy habits.

Making It Happen

We understand that individuals with chronic health problems are not usually routine gym-goers. The process of coming to a LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic might be an entirely new experience for them. We welcome people from all backgrounds and experience levels. Our exercise programs are designed specifically for individuals with chronic health problems. They are clinically proven to target a number of chronic health conditions and serve as a preventative health care tool.


We understand that running a successful business is a team effort. Having a great team behind you when setting up your franchise will enhance your success and create a more enjoyable process. A devoted team can prove very profitable by maintaining morale and a high level of customer satisfaction. LIVE WELL has its very own Director of Talent and Culture who will assist you in attracting the best team members for your clinic. 

Clinical Oversight by Our Expert Coaches

While we strive to create a fun and comfortable atmosphere for our members, LIVE WELL is, at its foundation, a powerful evidence-based clinical program. Our exercise and lifestyle programs are crafted by our clinical director and exercise physiologists. When members come into our fitness clinic, they will work with exercise physiologists who will tailor a program specifically for their unique needs based on functional and cardio-respiratory assessments. Kinesiologists, which we refer to as our “Joy Masters,” lead engaging group classes (and sometimes dance parties!). While members exercise and have fun, LIVE WELL staff provides progress tracking to determine if and when a program needs to be modified. We ensure our members are in safe, caring hands to support their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

The Member Experience

We allow individuals to choose a plan to match their desired pace and health needs. Each time a member visits a LIVE WELL clinic, they have the opportunity to meet other health-seekers that are on the same path. Members can share experiences, stories, and build relationships to help motivate each other, making their path to a healthy lifestyle easier and more enjoyable.

Our team and members form a close-knit community and support system. We treat all of our members like family. This is central to our mission and core values as an exercise clinic and sets us apart within the health and wellness industry. Our programs foster a great sense of belonging for our members and we strive to create an atmosphere that keeps members coming back for more. 

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